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The Power-Save 1200™ for Residential Applications.

power-save 1200
The Power-Save 1200™
is a small gray box that fits neatly next to your breaker panel, saves you money year after year and protects the entire home.

The Power-Save 1200™ was designed with the homeowner in mind, providing lower energy bills, increased motor and appliance life, as well as surge and lightning protection for all of the equipment inside of your house.

Residential customers throughout North America could see a realized savings of 8% - 10% typically and as much as 25% on their electrical usage (and thus power bills). The Power-Save 1200™ is UL Tested and CSA certified.

Money isn't all that you are saving when you use Power-Save Energy Corp. products. It's an energy-wise purchasing decision with many positive environmental implications. Power Suppliers also benefit by being able to supply power to more customers without the generation or acquisition of additional power.

$315.99 S&H Included (Rhode Island Residence call for installation costs!!!)

The Power-Save 3400 & Power-Save 3200 Reduce the Amount of Inductive Load in Commercial and Industrial Environments

Power-Save 3400

The Many Benefits of the Power-Save 3400 & Power-Save 3200 Include:

Lowers electric bills up to 25%!
--> Reduces electricity required by inductive loads (motors)!
--> Enhances capacity of existing electrical system
--> Eliminates harmful power surges!
--> Protects appliances and sensitive electronic equipment!
--> Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise!
--> Power Factor Optimization

$694.99 S&H Included (Rhode Island Residence call for installation costs!!!)

$894.99 S&H Included (Rhode Island Residence call for installation costs!!!)